Cybercrime Jobs:Low Pay and Possible Jail Time

Atsign dollarsignsThe cybercrime business is so good the cybercrime organizations are “hiring-out” many tasks, skilled and unskilled, to anyone who answers an advertisement and has a computer with Internet access. According to a article, Fortinet, a security research firm, has reported in its 2013 Cybercrime Report “that there is a lot of third-party technical assistance” in use these days.

The skilled workers are “crime consultants to help aspiring crooks with the botnet “rent, buy or lease” question or specialized middle-management services that help “bulletproof” botnet operations by registering oft-changing IP addresses worldwide for fast-flux performance that makes it harder to have taken them down. “

“According to the Fortinet report, here are some of the typical going rates for cybercrime services:

– Consulting services for botnet setup: $350 to $400

– Infection and spreading services are: $100 per 1,000 installs of malware

– Botnet rentals: $535 for five hours a day for one week of distributed denial-of-service attacks; email spam costs $40 for 20,000 e-mails; and Web spam costs $2 per 30 posts.

– New versions of the ZeuS botnet code costs $3,000; Butterfly botnet code costs $900. Simplified botnets used in the rental and crime-as-a-service model are cheaper, such as Bredolab, starting at $50.

– Remote-access Trojans for targeted attacks, with screen shot and webcam capabilities: about $250 for malware Gh0st Rat, Poison Ivy and Turkojan.

– Exploit kits GPack, MPack, IcePack and Eleonore: $1,000 to $2,000. Crypters, Packers and Binders to generally avoid detection: $10 to $100.

– Blackhat search-engine optimization: $80 for 20,000 spammed backlinks

– Specialized password cracking (“Cloud Cracking”): $17 for 300 million attempts, which takes about 20 minutes. “

Unskilled workers are hired from online ads for “data entry” and end up, among others, with the tedious job of breaking “CAPTCHA” codes for cyber crooks waiting to enter a webpage.

Their pay is on a piecework basis in most cases, in other words they get paid for how many tasks they perform. For example, the CAPTCHA Crackers get up to $.80 USD for 1000 solved CAPTCHA codes. And according to at least one ad, the crook hiring them expects them to complete 15,000-20,000 per day. That works out to be $16 for 20,000 CAPTCHAS broken. Seems like a lot of work for the small sum of money paid, even if the reading of the codes is automated.

And as an added bonus, the worker, skilled or unskilled, is eligible for a free vacation in a prison for several years or more. Wow, how good a deal this is! (tongue in cheek, of course).

Reference: article

Be very careful…it’s dangerous out there.

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