Five-Minute Security Tip: Change Your Browser To Firefox

Compact DiscIf you’re a Windows computer user, as am I, you probably use Internet Explorer as your computer’s Internet browser. IE is an excellent browser, but it has been the target of a large number of malware attacks in the past and still is the dubious leader in being most exploited.

You can reduce…I didn’t say eliminate…the number of malware attacks on your computer by using a browser that is less popular among the cyber crooks of the world. In other words, you can make your PC less of a target, therefore you’ll attract less malware that your anti-virus package will have to detect, and hopefully, prevent.

The next bit of good news is that Mozilla Firefox is free to download and use. It has lots of support to help you get started. It’s easy to use and has lots of add-ons available to enhance your browsing experience. recently gave it an Editor Rating of Excellent.

You don’t have to delete IE from your machine to run Firefox, you can keep it around for a “security blanket”, so to speak, if you want. I suggest you try Firefox and see if you like it. Because if you do, your PC will be some measure safer for doing so.

I have no connection or affiliation with Mozilla and receive nothing from them to publish this article.

Be very careful…it’s dangerous out there.

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5 responses to “Five-Minute Security Tip: Change Your Browser To Firefox

  1. Thanks Paul,
    I’ll check Sandboxie out.
    What I find when locking down firefox is that often videos and javascript functions like payment processes just won’t work. Fiddling around with noscript doesn’t always solve the problem so I just flip into safari.

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    • Hey Rick, thanks for the link back. And that eagle video was evidently a class project at a Canadian university. Very well done I’d say. We never did that kind of project when I was in school…too busy typing program code into punched cards. Oops, did I say that out loud? Don’t want to give away my age!!

  3. I still use this guide Paul, not sure if it came from you or Bill Mullins:

    I also have Safari on my Mac, so if I am having trouble accessing anything because firefox is so locked down, I just use Safari, and then completely wipe and reset Safari after usage.

    Don’t know how safe it is, but it’s my best guess so far…

    • Marcus,
      Thanks for the useful comment. That’s a great link for the Firefox security guide! Thanks. You must have gotten it from Bill, cause I haven’t seen it before. I’ve found that the “locking down” of Firefox is done primarily with add-ons and extensions; all of which can be turned on and off at will. Thus it can be as locked down or unlocked as you want it to be. If you do a lot of surfing to sights new to you, and therefore possibly risky, you could use a virtual partition such as Sandboxie to protect your computer. But I’m not sure it runs on Safari. Check them out at Thanks again.

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