Latest Phishing Attack: Fake Facebook Security App

facebook-iconThe main reason that phishing attacks are successful is that they prey on emotions and/or offer solutions to computer user needs. This new phishing attack involves the need for security on Facebook. In this case, “The phishers set up a spoofed Facebook page offering an app that purportedly protects Facebook accounts from getting hacked”. Social engineered phishing involves using societal emotions such as fear, excitement, sadness, greed, and security to cause the Internet computer user to act on a request to click on a link or to give personal information…neither of which having a happy ending.

This attack involves the need for security on Facebook and the emotion of fear of a malware attack. As usual, the cyber crooks spoof a page to add a feeling of “authenticity” to the attack. Ironically, this attack posed as a deterrent to the very attack that it was executing; a malware attack.

See the Help Net Security article Phishers lure users in with fake Facebook security app for more information.

Be very careful…it’s dangerous out there.

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