Security Toolbox For Windows Users

Help and LadderHave you been to the Microsoft Safety & Security Center webpage yet? You should, it’s a great computer and Internet security “toolbox” to help keep you and your computer safe from the ugly underbelly of the Internet.

It provides tips and resources on main topics such as security, privacy, and family safety. The site provides tips and also explains which Microsoft security software packages should be used and how and where to get them. Software packages such as:

  • Microsoft Security Essentials anti-virus protection
  • Microsoft Update to keep your software current
  • Microsoft Safety Scanner to remove viruses

There’s also an “I want to…” section that covers:

  • Helping kids stay safer online
  • Avoiding scams and hoaxes
  • Securing your information
  • Creating better passwords

This is a great resource for helps and tips on computer and Internet security that’s written in a non-technical manner.

Reference: Microsoft Safety & Security Center

Be very careful…it’s dangerous out there.

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