Password Crackers Getting Better

Security Binary DataThis blog is convinced that the most important security practice a computer user can adopt is that of having a strong password. We’ve written that the stronger the password, the more difficult it is to crack. And that the more difficult the password is to crack, the longer it takes; and that hackers don’t like to hang around very long when they’re breaking the law. Hence, the stronger the password, the most likely that the hacker will move on to one that’s weaker and that will crack faster.

Using strong passwords is even more important now because hackers have been working to improve their password cracking speeds. Two recent articles have pointed out that more CPUs in a computer or server will process the cracking faster; and that an identified weakness in SHA1, one of the most popular hashing, or encryption, routines will speed up the cracking process.

In light of this, the bottom line is that we must use the strongest passwords that we can to prevent these optimized password cracking techniques from being successful…with our passwords.

Check out my article Passwords: How Strong Is Strong for a great tool that will tell you how strong a password is, in terms of how long it will take to crack on a PC. And Passwords, Passwords, Passwords to get some valuable tips on how to construct a strong, memorable password.

Reference: SHA1 weakness benefits password crackers

Password cracking in record time with giant GPU cluster

Be very careful…it’s dangerous out there.

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