Internet Security Predictions

Binary Code pink goldThis is the time of the year that all the correspondents write their “prediction” articles for the next year. You’ve probably seen some of them; they have titles like: “5 Malware Predictions for 2013”, “Security Predictions for 2013”, etc. They are usually well-written by writers knowledgeable in Internet security, but sometimes they’re written by employees of security software companies. The latter I’ve always suspected were trying to sell their products by instilling fear in the populace.

This year I’ve decided to write a predictions article of my own, albeit a bit different from the usual fare.

Prediction #1 – I predict that the state of global Internet security will continue to deteriorate to the extent that malware will increase significantly and infection rates will climb from the present 1 in every 3 to at least 2 in 3 users infected.

Prediction #2 – I predict that the Internet security software companies will prosper; increasing sales and profits significantly…as the rest of us suffer with an Internet plagued by danger.

Prediction #3 – I predict that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google will continue to be targets of cybercriminals…big targets always are. And consequently, our personal information stored on them stolen and used to steal our identity.

Prediction #4 – Unfortunately, I predict that the average computer and Internet users will continue to have a lackadaisical attitude toward securing their computers and using safe Internet practices.

Prediction #5 – Based on the previous 4 predictions, I predict that next year we will all be a year closer to losing the Internet as an asset and tool to use when we want; because it will be so polluted with danger and corruption that we’ll no longer be able to afford to use it.

Well, there you are; my predictions.  None of them good, some of them scary, and all of them disappointing.

As is my usual manner, I suggest the following articles for you to improve your safety on the Internet:

Stop, Think, Connect

Internet: An Uninhabitable Future?

How Hackable Are You?

Got Security?…Is Your PC As Secure As It Can Be?

Staying Safe Online

Or just about any article on my list of Index of Posts page.

Be careful out there, it’s very dangerous.

Please comment on this article; we all learn from each other when our views and opinions are shared.

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Remember, home computing is a blast…keep it productive and enjoyable.

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