Here’s an interesting and thought provoking issue from Ramblinrick over at the What’s On My PC? Blog.

What's On My PC

My mother always told me that if you consume too much of anything, it is bound to cause you harm. The same goes when we indulge ourselves in too much computer time. We can suffer chronic pain from poor ergonomics, develop mush brain from too much multi-tasking, develop blue light insomnia, get fat from lack of moving around, lose our eyesight, and become addicted to games (and porn). Wow! Nothing here sounds too positive; however, there are things you should do to prevent harming yourself.

Reflected below is a clip from a infographic, titled, “Is Your Computer Killing You?”. Click on the clip to get the full-size version of the infographic to get answers on how you can save yourself from the harmful effects of excessive computer usage.




New Grand Theft Auto 5 Trailer

Four Things Most People Don’t Know Their iPhones Can Do


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