Call This Internet Security?

finger clicks the yes buttonI have written recently that Internet users are part of the Internet security problem for not becoming educated and using the Internet in a responsible way. See Internet Security: We Still Don’t Get It. The following Op-Ed article states that those in the Internet Security business are equally at fault for the high level of attacks on our computers, and our bank accounts by not doing their jobs properly. I see his point and agree that there’s some validity in his opinion…and that there’s lots of blame to go around.

Sydney – I did an article a while back in which I accused “internet security” of being utterly useless. I now have some proof. I got 2371 Trojan generics in one hit, 27 in the next, 37 the next time, 51 after that, and 16 the fourth time.

Trojans, for those living in trees, are dangerous. 2471 of them aren’t likely to be fun. Fortunately my security software got them. A bit of research indicates that these Trojans are quite common and quite destructive. They can survive ordinary security scans, unless you follow the steps below:

via Op-Ed: 2371 Trojan Generics in one hit! Call this Internet security? (Includes first-hand account).

Be very careful…it’s dangerous out there.

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