Facebook Black: Is A Scam

Facebook iconHave you received Facebook invitations from friends to switch to something called Facebook Red, Facebook Pink, or Facebook Black? This scam preys on Facebook users to change the color of their Facebook pages. It hopes to lure anyone who’s bored with the color scheme they’re using. However, it’s not going to change your color scheme. It is going to get you to share the post with your friends, leave a comment extolling the wonders of this different color scheme, and then make you take a survey. All under the pretense that you’ll get the change of color scheme after you dutifully follow all their demands. NOT! Instead, you have helped the phishing criminal by taking a survey that earns him a commission for every one that’s taken. See the Naked Security Sophos article link below for examples of the scam.

This scam may sound like “small potatoes” in light of other scams that utilize banking malware, etc. But, when you think that there are a billion potential Facebook users to take the survey; even earning a small amount of money for each survey could really add up.

The bottom line is to not fall for this scam. Ignore it and save yourself a lot of time and embarrassment for causing all your friends to contribute to a cyber crook’s income.

Reference: NakedSecurity.sophos.com article

Be very careful…it’s dangerous out there.

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Images courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net and FreeByte.com


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