300th Post!

Compact DiscYesterday this blog published it’s 300th post. That’s a lot of writing! Seriously though, while it’s an important milestone for this blog; it seems like just a short time ago, May 2009, that we published our first one. We started out as Paul’s Home Computing Blog, writing about issues facing the home computer user, but gravitated to Internet security issues to help our readers use the Internet more safely. This year we changed our name to Paul’s Internet Security Blog to better reflect that theme (don’t forget to change your favorites for this blog to the new URL: www.paulsinternetsecurityblog.wordpress.com).

You may have noticed that we’ve been publishing more articles this year. We’re trying to publish at least 5 articles each week. We encourage articles by guest writers who meet the requirements on our Guest Writers page. If you can write on Internet security issues, please submit an article for review.

I’d like to continue to be responsive to the needs of our readers in the future. So, please let me know how we’re doing, by email or by commenting on this post. I’d like to know what Internet security issues you want to hear more about. Our records show a high readership of our past articles on passwords. You may want more on that subject, though I’ve covered a lot in that area, I’ll continue to write in that direction if needed. Would you like to see more malware warning articles? Mobile device vulnerabilities? Please let me know your thoughts. I would appreciate it very much.



Be very careful…it’s dangerous out there.

I hope you enjoyed this article; and if you’d like to receive an email when a new article is posted, please sign up for an email subscription on my home page. Don’t worry…I won’t give your email address to anyone…No One; I hate spam too. Please share my blog with your friends and family. I’m also on Twitter @PaulsInternet .


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