Facebook Phishing Scam Is Offensive…And Malicious

Facebook iconPhishing is a cyber criminal practice that’s objective is to persuade a computer user to click on a link that sends them to a malicious Internet website to have their computer be infected by malware. The persuasion techniques usually prey on the computer user’s emotional reaction to a statement in the email. In the case of this latest Facebook phishing scam, they are using anger to get the needed response.

According to an article SpamFighter.com, “The message is crafted thus: “________ wrote: “you piece of s#*t!!!” and placed on top of a button, which is supposed to be hit so the reader can view ‘the remark string.’” The response they’re after is that the reader will react to the name-calling and click on the button to see what other information they can find, such as who sent the message.

If clicked, the button leads to infection by the Blackhole malware, which among other nasty results, will clean out your bank accounts.”

As we’ve stated before, be suspicious of all messages you didn’t expect, even from Facebook.com or a Facebook friend. Think before you click. Think before you click. Think before you click. If you’re having a hard time thinking before clicking, please print out the phrase and paste it onto your computer monitor. It’s that important.

Reference: SpamFighter.com article

Be very careful…it’s dangerous out there.

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