Internet Security:We Still Don’t Get It

finger clicks the yes reports on a recent study of 3,150 adults in the UK surveying if they’ve fallen victim to an online attack. A whopping 56% of them have been targeted in online attacks. That’s a large and unsettling number: one in every two people.

However, the really worrisome statistic of this study is that “Of the 56% who have fallen victim to an online attack, 65% haven’t changed their [behavior] when using their laptops, and 75% continue to use their smartphones and tablets as they always have done.”

Do any of these statistics sound like the study could have been performed in any country, including the U.S., and the numbers would have been similar? I think so.

“According to the survey, the top five most common online threats are:

  1. Viruses (20%)
  2. Email hackers (18%)
  3. Social media hackers (12%)
  4. Fraudulent selling (12%)
  5. Online credit card fraud (9%)

Nearly a third of people (29%) surveyed confessed that they had no idea whether they were putting themselves at risk, and 40% admitted that they really should know more about online safety. And, despite a fifth of people having had their social media accounts hacked, only 50% were using the highest levels of security on Facebook and 11% were unaware that you could change your security settings at all.”

This kind of information really makes me want to get on my soapbox and gripe to high heaven about how really dumb and irresponsible most Internet computer users are; so here goes. It seems that no matter how much we try to educate computer users about the dangers of the Internet, they still continue to bury their collective heads in the sand and refuse to use the Internet safely. It’s really amazing to me that they operate this way…hoping they’ll be lucky and not get attacked. Luck!! The cyber criminals aren’t relying on luck…they’re relying on the millions of Internet users who refuse to protect themselves with proper security practices. See 10 More Online Security Tips for information on how to protect yourself…that is if you’re not one of the “ostriches”.

Reference: article

Be very careful…it’s dangerous out there.

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