Google:Offering Malicious Android App…Still!

Google capital G logo“Researchers from security firm TrustGo have recently spotted on Google Play a bogus app that supposedly [automates] the updating of a batch of other apps.” The giveaway was that once the bogus app was installed on a PC, it hid itself; much like most malware. This app is capable of the following:

1. “Harvesting” messages, images and videos from Android devices and sending the data to a server located in the U.S.

2.That U.S. based server hosts a malicious website that is capable of dropping a Trojan malware on user computers. Including Windows, Mac and Unix/Linus operating systems. note—typical malware dropping websites specialize in only one computing platform. This multiple platform capability is an advancement of sorts, in malware attacks.

3.The Google App establishes the entry point for the Trojan malware.

The question here is: Why is Google Play, the Google app store, continuing to allow malicious apps to be available on their website? Android device users, and all the rest of us, for that fact, should demand that Google prohibit malicious apps to be available on their site. This is outrageous, grievous, and irresponsible. It should be unlawful.

My opinion: If I had an Android device, I wouldn’t download anything from Google Play, or any other Google-owned source. In fact, I wouldn’t touch anything on Google Play until Google can guarantee safe products.

Shame, shame on you Google. You keep turning your eyes away from this problem, all the while counting your vast income. Shame on you.

Reference: article

Be very careful…it’s dangerous out there.

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