Google Good To Know

Google g iconMy regular readers know that I try to make using the Internet safer for computer users in two ways: computer security education and malware threats discussion. On the subject of computer security education, I’ve recently found Google’s Good To Know pages, and I’m impressed that they are very informative on a variety of subjects. There are pages for staying safe online; your data on the web; your data on Google; and manage your data.

Of course, my favorite is the Stay safe online page, where you can learn about choosing strong passwords; avoiding malware; the Family Safety Center by reading plain language text and watching videos. In addition to Stay safe online, there are also offerings about your data on the web; your data on Google, and Manage your data.

Your data on the web, Google, and managing your data pages are aimed at educating users on what data is stored about them and how to manage the data stored about you in order to avoid identity theft.

Check these pages out and put them in your favorites list for future reference…you’ll be glad you did.

Reference: Google Good To Know

Be very careful…it’s dangerous out there.

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