New Cyber Criminal Organization To Attack Bank Customers

Vault with Safe-deposit Boxes InsideAccording to a recent article a gang of cyber criminals plans to use a massively large banking Trojan attack to initiate illegal wire transfers from our banks to theirs. It is reported the gang is now recruiting about 100 botmasters (owners and operators of sometimes huge Internet networks of computers compromised and controlled by the botmaster). The malware they’ll be employing will carry out Trojan attacks against U.S. banking customers. Also see Cyber Crooks Now Attacking Banks. To give you some idea as to the possible scope of such an attack; each botnet could contain from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions of enslaved computers. These could be commanded to attack banking customers all at once, and/or cripple the security of banking computers by the sheer weight of the millions and billions of attacks executed by these massive botnets.

As I’ve recommended in the past; keep a close watch on your bank accounts for unauthorized withdrawals, particularly wire transfers. Notify your banking institution and the authorities as soon as you notice a problem. Time is of the essence, since there is usually a built-in time delay of a day or so before a wire transfer is executed by banks; and if you alerted the bank before the transaction executed, they could cancel the transfer from your account. The sooner the authorities are notified the quicker they can take action to shut down the botnets.

Also, it occurs to me that if the report is correct in that 100 or more botmasters are being recruited; this may be a new cyber crime organization being formed. I wonder how the existing cyber crime organizations will react to a new competitor. It’s my hope they react negatively to the newcomer and eliminate them for us. Only time will tell.

Reference: Computerworld article

Be very careful…it’s dangerous out there.

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