Chinese Hackers Attack White House

Binary Code pink goldChinese hackers have attacked the US White House Military Office System. It is not known for sure what they were after…or obtained. But according to The Free Beacon’s report, “the hackers were trying to get into the White House Military Office system. This is the system [that] contains the codes for the football the collection of nuclear launch codes that the president has on him at all times.”

This breach of one of our most important government computer networks was accomplished by use of a ““spear-phishing” attack, which implies that it was aimed specifically at the White House. Spear-phishing entails using something such as a personalized e-mail to trick someone into clicking on a malicious Internet link or downloading a file.” Stated otherwise, it’s a phishing attack aimed at a specific target rather than broadcasting phishing emails indiscriminately to see who’ll “take the bait”.

It amazes me that so “secure” a network such as this one could be penetrated. However, the human factor is involved in spear-phishing and these e-mails can be very convincing, especially if targeted to a specific person or role and using language and other content to make the message seem legitimate.

The bottom line is that if the White House can be penetrated, so could your computer. Beware and be wary…of all emails you don’t expect, and by all means, think before you click.

Reference: Chinese hackers attack on White House computers : The Hacker News ~

Be very careful…it’s dangerous out there.

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