Chinese Hackers Into Electric Grids

Security Digital Globe Program CodeChinese hackers are at it again…this time hacking into Internet controlled computer control systems used in electric grids. The same electric grids that power our homes, hospitals, factories, broadcasting, and everything we know to be our normal, our lives.

The usual reporting on these not so unusual intrusions by the Chinese is that they have stolen data, inserted malware, etc.; but more may be at stake. In a recent Naked article, this attack has been “traced to a Chinese hacking team known as the “Comment Group.”” This group of hackers is very large; consisting of over 100 hackers. They have stolen data from at least 20 organizations, “many of whose secrets could give China a leg up on its path to becoming the world’s largest economy.”

In my opinion, the Chinese government stealing our proprietary secrets to gain a leg up in strengthening their economy is the least of our worries. They may also gain access to our electric grids in such a way that they can gain control of them and do damage, possibly permanent, to our electric power infrastructure.

The blackouts of the recent past revealed the frailty of our electric grid. We responded to that by further computer controls with plans for a completely computer controlled “super grid”, now being planned.

Let’s hope that our government is aware of this possibility and are planning to safeguard our electric grid.

Reference: Naked Security article

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