How Hackable Are You?

Security HackersNetwork recently ran an article on how small changes in your Internet and computer habits can make you less hackable. It covers the following excellent tips:

  1. Facebook privacy: 11 settings to revisit right now.
  2. Are you an easy target? The answer is probably yes.
  3. Protect yourself the easy way. Can you say strong passwords?
    1. When establishing a “junk” account—lie about your personal information. Okay, consider it a “little white lie” if you must.
    2. Protect yourself offline. Yes, they still steal identities offline.
    3. Use a password manager. You can get good ones free.
    4. Freeze your credit report.
    5. Even a little security goes a long way…”You don’t have to be faster than an attacking bear…”

I recommend you read the article in its entirety to fill in the explanations of the above tips. Then, make yourself a list of “to-dos” that will implement each suggestion. You’ll be glad you did.

Remember, it’s dangerous out there…be careful!

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