Beware Malware-Laden Twitter Messages

Facebook YouTube Eye on DisplayA recent article in Help Net Security warns that the Twitter message “lol ur famous now”, if followed, will lead “to a fake Facebook page requiring you to log in to Twitter to see the video in question and have ultimately done what was asked of you, you are in danger of getting your account hijacked and malware installed on your computer, warns GFI’s Chris Boyd.”

The next step in the scam is to lead the victim to an Internet website displaying a fake YouTube video set against a fake Facebook background. In order to view the video, the users are urged to download an update for YouTube player: and as you might expect, the update is also fake and loads malware onto and enslaves your computer. These crooks are real “sweethearts”, aren’t they?

The fake Facebook page has since been removed, but it’s only a matter of time, probably already, that the crooks will switch to another page. Also, beware of this scam using another message just as enticing as the one used here.

And as I’ve stated before, the best defense for this type of scam is to be suspicious of every message, tweet, email, web page, etc. that wants you to click on a link. You must develop an attitude of distrust rather than openness, no matter how hard that might be for you.

Reference: Help Net Security article

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