The Cloud: A Definition

Abstract World Map Fantasy PinkWe hear and read a lot about a form of computing called “cloud computing”. But how many of us really know, or care, what it is? A recent article in spoke of a survey, sponsored by Citrix, where it was found that “one-third of Americans surveyed said they believe “the cloud” is related to the weather…Only 16% responded correctly that the cloud is a computer network used to store, access and share data from an Internet-connected device.” That definition is a bit technical in its language.

Let me restate it: First, the origin of the term “cloud” as we use it here, is from network diagramming. Network designers would use a symbol of a cloud to represent the Internet in their design documents. For example, if a company’s network had a connection to the Internet, that would be shown in a diagram with an arrow leaving the company network and extending to a cloud symbol.

A more understandable definition of the cloud is: a service provided for fee, such as storage of data, processing payroll, or accounting, etc., run on a computer that is located somewhere else in the world. A company who uses cloud services is able to connect to that computer through an Internet connection, much the same as is done to access Facebook. The company’s workers use the services just the same as if they were running in their company’s own local computer center. For more information; see Cloud Computing: The Pros and Cons.

Reference: article

As always, I appreciate your comments on this subject…so please do. And be careful out there…it’s extremely dangerous these days.

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