Banking Malware: Some Protection

Security my accountThis blog has written many times about banking malware such as the Zeus Trojan. Banking malware occupies your computer, usually from a malicious Internet site, but also from equally malicious emails. We have told of the sale of banking malware on the cyber criminal black market that is fueling the immense growth of its use.

Evidently, this situation has caused the Internet security software companies to realize they can make some money protecting us from it. Enter Kaspersky Internet Security Safe Money, “a new offering designed to protect user’s money when shopping and banking online.” And all the people said…”Hoooooooraay!!!”

Here’s what it does to protect users:

“1. Automatically activate when visiting most common payment services (PayPal, etc.), banking websites, and you can easily add your own bank or shopping websites to the list.
2. Isolate your payment operations in a special web browser to ensure your transactions aren’t monitored.
3. Verify the authenticity of the banking or payment website itself, to ensure the site isn’t compromised by malware, or a fake website designed to look authentic.
4. Evaluate the security status of your computer, and warn about any existing threats that should be addressed prior to making payments.
5. Provide an onscreen Virtual Keyboard when entering your credit card or payment information so you can enter your information with mouse-clicks. This will activate a special program to prevent malware from logging any keystrokes on your physical keyboard.”

In my opinion, this multi-pronged approach to protect against the techniques existing banking malware use to steal your money is a good one. And this blog sends big fat kudos to Kaspersky for developing this much-needed protection. Hopefully, the other Internet security companies will follow suit. And I am also hopeful that as banking malware is changed to evade this protection; the security companies will stay abreast of them.

I have no affiliation with Kaspersky Internet Security.

Reference: Help Net Security

As always, I appreciate your comments on this subject…so please do. And be careful out there…it’s extremely dangerous these days.

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