Backdoor: A Definition

Dictionary page blueNo, I’m not referring to the entry at the rear of a structure. I’m talking about a malware backdoor, a hacking technique that allows a hacker, once he’s gained access to your computer, to access it, via the Internet, whenever he wants in the future.

A common technique in most malware is to create this “backdoor” for future use. Malware is somewhat transient in nature in the sense that the cyber criminal who owns it will terminate it if it’s no longer effective; either because it is detected by anti-virus software and often removed from infected computers, or because it is no longer a good source of revenue.

The hacker designs the malware to create this backdoor entrance to the infected computer in the same way a burglar might copy the house keys so they can come back in the future. Backdoors are also used to deposit additional malware, especially if the first malware goes undetected for some time, which indicates that the computer is not well protected and/or the owner is not very security-aware and is oblivious to the symptoms of the malware.

As always, I appreciate your comments on this subject…so please do. And be careful out there…it’s extremely dangerous these days.

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