Use Of Geolocation Can Be Dangerous

2 DiceGeolocation, the option on Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites that identifies your geographic location, should always be turned off…always. I say this because using it tracks your every location you “check in” to using mobile computers and it identifies your home city to the world on the internet when posted on your profiles. Why is this a problem? Because a criminal could use the information to complete a list of information used to steal your identity; or to locate your residence to break in when you’ve told the Internet that you’re somewhere else.

A recent article speaks to this issue and relates the following suggestions that you and your family should follow:

1. Turn geolocation services off. Giving out regular and precise updates of your whereabouts is convenient – but you should consider your location to be a form of PII (personally identifiable information).

2. Don’t advertise or give details about times you won’t be at home, or will be alone, or might otherwise be vulnerable.

3. Ask your friends every single time if it’s OK before you include them in posts and photos you put online.

4. Unashamedly expect your friends to do the same for you in return. Stick to your guns on this.

5. Set aside occasional days when you stay off social networks altogether to reduce your dependence on them.

Following these five rules will increase your safety and that of your family…my advice is to implement them.

Reference: naked security .com article

As always, I appreciate your comments on this subject…so please do. And be careful out there…it’s extremely dangerous these days.

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Home computing is a blast…keep it safe, productive and enjoyable.

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