Citadel Trojan: The Next Generation of the Zeus Trojan

Security Trojan HorseI’ve written about the Zeus Banking Trojan several times in recent months. It’s one of the most dangerous threats to Internet Users and their computers. Once it is placed on your computer, it monitors your keystrokes and other actions to identify when you’re performing an online banking transaction. It then makes note of your banking sign-on and password as well as your bank account numbers. Then it proceeds to clean out your account by transferring your money to a bank account owned by the cyber mobsters, usually in Russia. As is always the case, a newer, better version has been developed and this one is called the Citadel Trojan.

The Citadel Trojan, also a banking malware, includes “improvements” over Zeus such as:

  • more stealth in evading detection from tracking sites;
  • better communications with the command and control server (that gives it orders and thus controls it);
  • the ability to block access to security sites; and
  • the ability to record videos of victim activities.

The Citadel Trojan is a “bad news” banking malware that not only ruins your financial well-being, but hides itself on your computer to make it difficult to detect it’s there and therefore difficult to remove it. There are many copies of this malware in use throughout the world right now. You see, it’s being sold for a mere US$2,500. That’s very inexpensive for a “tool” that will bring in millions for it’s criminal owner.

To have any chance to evade losing your money; monitor your bank accounts looking for unauthorized withdrawals, and if you detect one or more, notify your banking institution immediately that you think you’ve been the victim of banking malware. They may be able to stop the transactions if they’ve been made in the same day you report them. Some banks have a 1 to 3 day holding period on electronic funds transfers and could be able to cancel any still in the hold status.

And of course, use a good security software suite on your computer, have it set to automatically update, and run full scans for viruses on a regular basis…the more “regular” the better.

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As always, I appreciate your comments on this subject…so please do. And be careful out there…it’s extremely dangerous these days.

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