Slain Botnet Resurrected—Re-Killed

The majorPurple Engineering Technology Data Chart botnet Grum that infected computers who visited malicious Internet sites, and whose “obituary” we reported recently, was recently resurrected by it’s bot herders, but authorities again put it down. We predicted this might happen because the bot herders have extensive funds, proceeds from the botnet, and resources to replicate the botnet in a short time.

Their approach in restarting Grum was to bribe the Internet Service Provider (ISP) who disconnected the botnet’s master computers from the Internet. The result, Grum was reconnected. However, the Ukraine authorities again convinced the ISP to disconnect the master computers or they would be put out of business. This resulted in the botnet’s master computers being again disconnected from access to the Internet.

This attempt at bribing the ISP tells me that rebuilding the botnet may be taking them longer than expected and they tried a short cut to see if they could get the botnet up and running sooner.

These are criminal organizations running these large botnets. They will do anything, including breaking additional laws, such as bribery, extortion or committing violent acts to continue their illegal activities and keep producing revenues for their coffers. These bad guys don’t play around…they mean business—think Mafia.

I admire the authorities who are fighting to kill these Mafia-owned botnets. They’re performing a tremendous service to the world at a significant threat to themselves and their families. I thank them for their unselfish acts of bravery.

Reference: Bot herders…

As always, I appreciate your comments on this subject…so please do. And be careful out there…it’s extremely dangerous these days.

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