Facebook Photo Tag Malware

Security Gold Lock and ChainThe cyber criminals have come up with a new way to convince Facebook users click on a link that will place multiple malware on their computers. Using links to Internet websites set up for malicious intent, this latest scheme has only to entice an unwary user to click.

The latest way to get users to click is to send an email, supposedly from Facebook, as a notification that your image was found tagged on a friend’s photo. The bad guys know how curious most users are (we all want to see the picture of ourselves) and thus this scheme works very well. Below is one of the emails used in this scheme:


It so happens that a way to tell this is a fake is that the From: address has Facebook misspelled using an extra “o”: “notification@faceboook.com”, but don’t count on this error remaining very long on this phishing email. It could change at any time.

Once the user clicks on any link on this email; his or her computer is sent to a malicious site where several malware are loaded onto their computer…this only takes about 2 seconds. Then, so as not to appear suspicious to the unaware user, they are taken to a legitimate Facebook page. However, it’s too late, they’re already infected.

The only way to avoid this malware is by not clicking on the link to see your “tagged photo”. I repeat …by not clicking on the link to see your “tagged photo”. Easy enough! Well, not so easy for most users who still trust the Internet, Facebook, and others to protect them. That’s just not the way it is anymore. We must learn to distrust all requests to have us follow a link. That means controlling our curiosity. That also means making it a habit to distrust…to always “think before clicking”—this means every time…it must become a habit. The crooks are very smart and continue to come up with ways to trick us into clicking. We need to be smarter…and wary.

Reference: Malware spread as Facebook photo tag notification

As always, I appreciate your comments on this subject…so please do. And be careful out there…it’s extremely dangerous these days.

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  1. Thank you so much for providing this useful tips. its really make me insist to revisit your blog ! keep posting like this

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