Why Isn’t There Less Cybercrime?

Security Burgler Hand on SafeA recent article at ThreatPost.com has me mad enough to chew nails. The article, by Dennis Fisher titled Why Isn’t Cybercrime Worse?, compares the advantages to being a cyber bank robber vs. a bricks and mortar bank robber. The cyber bank robber wins hands down. He states: “Cybercrime, on the other hand, offers the aspiring criminal the ideal combination of low risk and potentially very high reward.”

He then proceeds to point out how easy it is to become a successful cyber criminal by buying the cybercrime tools and instructions to make the learning curve much lower.

Why Isn’t Cybercrime Worse?…REALLY? REALLY? I think articles like this are gratuitous and self promoting at best, and dangerous at worst. I’ve written articles about cybercrime that reported on the availability of cybercrime tools or products for sale, but I did not tell the reader where and how to get them and why he/she should be a cyber criminal.

We who write about cybercrime need to be responsible about the content and always consider the damage we may cause. In my opinion, the title and content of the article should have been a more constructive: Why Isn’t There Less Cybercrime?

What do you think? As always, I appreciate your comments on this subject…so please do. And be careful out there…it’s extremely dangerous these days.

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Home computing is a blast…keep it safe, productive and enjoyable.

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