In The News: 17% Of PCs Are Unprotected–Is Yours?

Security Digital Globe Program CodeThe good news is that, according to McAfee Security researchers,  83% of the world’s computers have working security protection. However, the bad news is that only 83% of the world’s computers have working security protection. If you’re one of the 17% that have no working anti-virus software installed on your computer, please install some now…not when you get around to it; do it now, it’s that important. By the way, if anyone you exchange email with is in the 17%; you have an even greater chance of being infected with malware.

The study, which analyzed data from voluntary scans from an average of 27-28 million computers per month, found that 17% of computers worldwide either had no anti-virus software installed, or it was installed and expired (not working). The US was even higher, at almost 20% unprotected.

Couple this fact with the reality that the average computer user is susceptible to being lured to malicious websites designed to inject onto your computer a virus or other malware designed to empty your bank account, steal your identity, and basically ruin your life for the next 3-5 years. No wonder infections of malware are increasing at an alarming rate! We’re handing cybercriminals our money on a silver platter for the taking!!

So…where do we go from here? We protect our computers with a good anti-virus software. Can’t afford one of the paid subscriptions from the industry leaders such as McAfee, Norton, et al? Then download a free one. Microsoft’s Security Essentials provides excellent protection at no cost if you’re a Windows user, and there are other top-notch packages such as AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2012 or Avast Free Antivirus. Not a Windows user? Go to CNET and check out the free software downloads available for other operating systems (just click on the “Download” button and choose your operating system). Now that money is not a barrier…what are you waiting for? It’s dangerous out there.

Ref: Help Net 17% of the world’s PCs are unprotected

As always, I appreciate your comments on this subject…so please do. And be careful out there…it’s extremely dangerous these days.

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Home computing is a blast…keep it safe, productive and enjoyable.

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