Hacktivists Hack Into Law Enforcement Websites

Security HackersThe hacktivist (hackers with a sociopolitical motivation) group Anonymous said recently that they have hacked into 70 law enforcement websites across the southern and central United States. Their reason? Retaliation for arrests of its sympathizers in the US and Britain.

Have these guys lost their minds??…the police?? I don’t agree with them hacking into any person’s or company’s website, for any reason. But law enforcement?? Do they want all the resources of the FBI and Scotland Yard aimed at them and determined to bring about their ruin?

Besides the apparent extreme risk of these hacks to Anonymous, I can think of at least one more reason not to release “embarrassing information, including emails, credit card details, etc.”…10 gigabytes of data. That being the dismissal of all criminal cases in the courts that these law enforcement organizations serve. I’m sure the defense attorneys are lining up  as we speak to have their criminal client’s cases dismissed because of electronic evidence such as emails, detective case notes, etc. being released to the public.

I’m sure Anonymous will say that the end justifies the means, as any group of this sort would say. However, I hope they don’t suffer from any of the released criminals “plying their trade”, so to speak. This action has the potential to harm many innocent people in both countries as result of freeing these criminals.

Anonymous has stated it hoped the leak would “demonstrate the inherently corrupt nature of law enforcement using their own words” and “disrupt and sabotage their ability to communicate and terrorize communities.”

So who is the terrorist here?

Please comment on this subject; we all learn from each other when our views and opinions are shared.

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Ref: NPR/Associated Press


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2 responses to “Hacktivists Hack Into Law Enforcement Websites

  1. Police Constable

    I am a police constable in London and I have to say they are not quite right in the head. So they believe it’s good to put women and children in fear of assault, or being burnt alive in your own home? Murdering a 67 year old man who wanted to put out a fire in s dustbin? To cause children have nightmares, and to wet the decked in primary schools because they are so scared.
    Anonymous are so good with they’re social care.
    Bless them.

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