Internet Security: Banking Trojan Attacks Smartphones

Comm Tin Cans purpleThe Zeus trojan malware, famous for it’s skill in infecting PCs with the objective of seeking out banking account credentials and making unauthorized withdrawals and transfers, has turned it’s sights on the smartphone. It’s attack tactic is to lure a smartphone user to download fake security software which then injects the Zeus trojan onto the cell phone. It acts as an online banking application…pretty smart, huh?

The trojan has targeted several smartphone operating systems such as Symbian, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and now Android phones.

Because this infection depends on the user downloading this file, you can avoid the infection by not downloading the fake online banking application. However, beware that the cybercriminals use various means to persuade the user to download the application, and in the future could switch to any number of other applications to employ their infection of your phone. Therefore, be very careful and selective of the applications you download. Research them by doing searches on the Web for information about them, check out forums on smartphone applications…you get the idea. Do your homework…your bank balance depends on it.

Finally, as always, be very careful; it’s dangerous out there.

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Home computing is a blast…keep it safe, productive and enjoyable.

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3 responses to “Internet Security: Banking Trojan Attacks Smartphones

  1. shikhak

    Thanks, Paul for sharing this valuable info. I also became a victim of cyber crime last year but then I tried .They deal with internet security and other such services.

  2. Richard

    Thanks for heads-up, Paul. Invaluable.

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