Cool Stuff on the Web: Microsoft Security for Home Computers Newsletter

Help and LadderMy regular readers know I’m passionate about improving the computer security of all computer users, especially the home computer user, and I try to write in least technical language in order to communicate to people at all levels of technical knowledge. So, you would not be surprised that I seek out other forums of security information who have a like objective. Microsoft’s Security for Home Computers Newsletter is a great resource for the home computer users who want to get tips on how to secure their computers, security alerts, news about security updates, and other security resources available to them. And it’s written in language that isn’t too technical for the less-experienced user.

It includes a column on how to Protect your computer as well as a column on Protect yourself and your family.

You can sign up for it at the Windows Live My Subscriptions page. You’ll need to register to get a Windows Live ID.

Watch out for fake security alerts - Inbox - Yahoo! Mail 2011-07-12 21-51-24

For those of you who are new to computer security, a great way to educate yourself on this subject is to read newsletters such as this one on a regular basis…and of course continue to read my blog!! Seriously, by reading blogs like mine and this one from Microsoft, you can educate yourself on how to better protect your computer over time. Give it a try.

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Remember, home computing is a blast…keep it productive and enjoyable.

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