Upcoming Cyber Security Threats Part 4: Cyber Stalking

cyberstalker eyeDo you wonder what future cyber security threats the cyber crooks are working on to steal our money, through our computer use? According to Computerworld, the cybercriminal list of law-breaking hacking includes:

– text-message malware
– hacking into smart grids
– social network account spoofing
cyber stalking
– hackers controlling your car
– GPS jamming and spoofing.

My thoughts on this list are that the threats are plausible (at least one has already begun), the targets are available (or will be), and there is money to be made for the cybercriminal organizations that sponsor these threats. But what really grabs my attention about these future threats is that their development will require resources such as funding, expert programmers, and intelligence, that would mirror the investment in research and development of top corporations. And is easily affordable by the cybercrime organizations because of the large amounts of money they have amassed in recent years…our money.

These six threats will each be addressed in a series of articles on this blog continuing with cyber stalking in this post.

Wikipedia’s definition: Cyberstalking [or cyber stalking] is the use of the Internet or other electronic means to stalk or harass an individual, a group of individuals, or an organization. It may include false accusations, monitoring, making threats, identity theft, damage to data or equipment, the solicitation of minors for sex, or gathering information in order to harass.

The Internet’s trait of anonymity, in my opinion, is one of the basic causes of the increasing amount of cybercrime being committed now. It is for this same reason that cyber stalking and cyber bullying are on the rise and will be a significant threat in the future. A cyber stalker’s anonymity can be obtained  by registering a Facebook or twitter account with fictitious profile information.

Cyber stalkers, especially those who are strangers to their victims, are able to target their victims, surprisingly enough, through information supplied by the victims on their Facebook, twitter, or other social networking site. Yep…being so helpful, organized, and detailed on your social networking profile gives the attacker lots of information to work with in his/her hateful act. And those sexy and alluring pictures on your wall will get the attention of cyber stalkers too. Some of this stalking will move from the cyber to the real world and become very dangerous. You might be surprised how easy it is to locate someone’s home through tools readily available on the Internet…using only information other than your street address from your profile. You don’t have your street address on your profile…do you? Some of these cyber stalkers turn into vicious attackers once they arrive at your door.

So, just in case you haven’t gotten the message by now, clean up all that personal information from your profiles. It’s much better to be safe from stalkers than popular on social networking sites. So…I repeat: clean up all that personal information from your profiles. Now would be a good time.

Remember, be very careful…it’s dangerous out there.

Please comment on this subject; we all learn from each other when our views and opinions are shared.

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Home computing is a blast…keep it safe, productive and enjoyable.

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4 responses to “Upcoming Cyber Security Threats Part 4: Cyber Stalking

  1. In my area they use cyberstakers to stalk phsically and make spoofed phone calls. I had a brother die that once owned a body shop. More recently I was hit by an uninsured driver and while trying to file a claim with my company I would be re-routed to answering services that would say something like “Place your

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  4. Ellen

    I think this is very valuable information and I appreciate this series of articles on the subject of future threats… unfortunately not really future. It is great to see someone taking these issues as seriously and writing about them in an intelligent way.

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