Computer Crashed: Feeling Hopeless? Data Recovery Will Help.

Screaming at LaptopHave you ever wondered what you’d do if/when your home computer crashed? At the risk of appearing paranoid, I’d say the probability of your computer crashing is less “if” and more “when”. Here’s why I say that…and by the way, remember that old saying that “just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you!”. Back to my reasons for paranoia; there are many ways your home computer can get hosed up, crashed, nuked, etc.,etc. these days. Here’s a list of a few.

  • Malware, such as viruses, bots, zombies, etc. will more than likely cause your computer to be inoperable when you attempt to remove them.
  • The software we run on our computers is more complex than it’s ever been; thus there are more programming problems (bugs) found in the original software and the multitude of updates we apply…all are possible reasons for crashes or problematic operation.
  • Some software we load, especially add-ons and extensions, may interfere with the operation of existing software and will make the computer act abnormally or worse.
  • Hardware failure, such as a hard disk failure, can render your computer inoperable, and if the problem is severe, it could be catastrophic.
  • User errors, such as accidentally destroying important data on the computer’s storage devices.
  • Loss of power or incorrectly shutting down the computer may cause problems.

Some or all of these problems may require some help to repair your computer, depending on your level of experience. In any event, you’ll get back to normal sooner if you’re able to restore the “stuff” on your computer once it’s fixed. Data recovery is possible if you’ve saved or backed-up your data prior to the crashing event. I repeat: Data recovery is possible if you’ve saved or backed-up your data prior to the crashing event.

This is something that’s extremely important to the well-being of your computing experience and your own peace of mind that you’d think everyone would be doing it. Well…it’s my experience that the majority of home computer users are not backing-up their computers. The ones who are doing back-ups on a regular basis are those who have technology experience and/or have had a computer crashing experience of their own in the past.

There is some good news in all this gloom. There are backup and restore software packages that will automate this function for you. Yep…they’ll run on a scheduled basis without any intervention by you, and then when you need to restore your computer after a crash the data will be there for you.

There are packages which can be purchased, free software to be downloaded, and Microsoft includes one in their Windows operating system. Here’s a link to the Microsoft page that shows you how to use theirs…even has a video on what to do to set it up.

Data backup and recovery will make your life a lot easier in the event of a computer crash. But only if you prepare in advance for that event by using a good backup and restore package. Do it now…it’s that important.

Please comment on this subject; we all learn from each other when our views and opinions are shared.

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Home computing is a blast…keep it safe, productive and enjoyable.

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4 responses to “Computer Crashed: Feeling Hopeless? Data Recovery Will Help.

  1. robert h

    Very good advice. I started to look for external hard drives only to discover many complaints about failures and data losses suffered by some users. So I started looking at “cloud” storage, and based on a rec from PC World, I paid $50 for Trend Micro’s “Safe Sync” (for a year). It basically is like Carbonite but without any limit to what you want backed up, and does not restrict against external hard drives, which some services do restrict. So I loaded Safe Sync over a month ago and it is still trying to transfer my files & folders.

    It has succeeded transferring some, but others, particularly video files, the transfer process never completes, it indicates it is reaching 100% transfer, then the next time I check it is starting over, and this has happened several times to several video files (anyone else with this problem?). I like the idea of off-site back up, but right now I have my doubts about Safe Sync. I attempted to send them a message, but they have a convoluted feedback system that is confusing and it was rejected. They need to consider being more user friendly to keep our business.

    So now, after this experience, I have reconsidered and purchased a LaCie external hard drive, 2 terrabite, quadra unit for $150 on Amazon that comes with multiple connection capability including eSata which I can connect with for very fast transfers. BTW, StarTech is coming out with a flush fitting express card with dual Esata ports for laptops that looks sweet, better than present Esata cards that draw complaints about the cards falling out/loose connections. I will get one to transfer between hard drives, BTW the only way one can transfer between hard drives is with an identical connection ie both via Esata, or both via USB, you cannot mix and match, I tried and nothing happened, too frustrating for the laptop. Good Luck backing up, but you really need to.

    • Robert,
      Thanks for sharing your experience with backing up your data. I’m sorry you had trouble with the cloud vendor. I don’t use a cloud service for backup, but for a different reason. I don’t want my personal data stored in a place that I don’t know if their security practices are adequate. In the business, we call that an untrusted computer. We don’t know if they even have a backup/disaster recovery capability to properly safeguard our data…I’ve had personal experience with that in a previous life. 😉
      Also, thanks for sharing your experience with the external hard drive. I’m sure our other viewers will appreciate it too.

  2. I use Carbonite, so my data is backed up online anytime I change or create something new. I love it. I assume it’s running and so forget to check. Yep, just checked and it last backed up something 47 minutes ago. Cool

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