Android Malware: Is Google Part Of The Problem?

OOPS SignAn unspecified number of apps (software applications) for the Google Android smartphone, sold on Google’s Android Market, infected every Android phone that downloaded them. This malware was designed to steal sensitive information and to download additional malware (the purpose of which has not been determined).

Is anyone other than me outraged with Google over this situation? Oh sure, they’ve done a good job of using their PR department to convince us that they have done all they can to “protect” the Android smartphone users who fell victim to this malware. Headlines state that Google has used the Android “kill switch” to remotely remove the malware from most of the phones. They also have removed the malware-laden apps from Android Market. Sounds like Google is being pretty responsible, you might say, …I think not!!

Google should have made sure, beyond any doubt, that the apps they were contracting to sell on their Android Market site were of high quality and free of malware. Instead, they were more concerned with getting a smartphone, and apps to run on it, to the market as quickly as possible to take advantage of this huge sales potential…to make huge amounts of money. It’s outrageous to me that they would be blinded by profit motive to be so reckless with the security of so many of their customers…unbelievable!! Sure, Google insists that “Additional steps are being taken to make the Android Market more secure.” Give me a break!

Google should have a quality assurance department—with a budget at least as large as their PR department– that would test and inspect the code of all apps before they’re offered for sale. In my humble opinion, Google may be the genius in Internet search engines, but they’re quickly failing at the retail sales business. Probably due to ignorance, possibly due to greed, but most assuredly failing all the customers of the Android smartphone and apps. Come on Google, get a grip and clean this mess up.

Please comment on this subject; we all learn from each other when our views and opinions are shared.

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4 responses to “Android Malware: Is Google Part Of The Problem?

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  2. Bill,
    Thanks. I’m not surprised that we agree on this issue. As always, I’m honored that you stopped by.

  3. Hi Paul,

    Not much for me to say on this, other than – I agree completely. Well done – you’ve covered all the bases. A terrific read!



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