Update: Cell Phones And Phishing Attacks: Do You Use Your Phone Safely?

In an article posted in this blog last month, Cell Phones And Phishing Attacks: Do You Use Your Phone Safely?, we discussed the potential for cybercriminals to exploit smartphones. Well…I hate to report it, but the criminal element has sniffed out these mobile devices as targets on several fronts, including a variant of the trojan malware ZeuS. Zeus is the malware that specializes in obtaining banking account information and stealing funds from those accounts.

Being able to transact banking and purchases through smartphones is extremely convenient to those who own them. It’s also very attractive to cyber crooks who are looking for new ways to increase their “income”. The “ZeuS in the Mobile”, as it is dubbed, is an especially dangerous malware. It has proven itself to be extremely effective in draining bank accounts all over the world. The good news is that it’s only being used in Poland at this time…the bad news is that it’s only a matter of time before it’s being used globally.

Another malware dubbed “Movie Player” which seems to be targeted at the Android, masquerades as a media player and, at this time, is being used to fleece Russian users. Two others, targeted at Android users in China are using downloaded apps (software) from Android Download were discovered earlier this month.

The takeaway from this news is that these built-for-smartphone trojans are being tested in one or more countries at this time, probably to work out any programming errors, etc.; however, once they are tuned up and tested you can be sure they’ll be unleashed globally. Use your mobile devices with care by refraining from transacting business with your bank or making purchases unless you have a mobile security package installed on your device and then only if you absolutely have to perform the transaction.

Ref: Network World.com Zeus trojan is back and targeting Windows Mobile phones

Remember: Be careful out there—it’s dangerous.

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Home computing is a blast…keep it safe, productive and enjoyable.

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One response to “Update: Cell Phones And Phishing Attacks: Do You Use Your Phone Safely?

  1. Hi Paul,

    Let me be blunt – anyone who uses a cell phone to conduct banking is a MORON, given the current unstable state of mobile device security. Mind you, even if security protocols were rock solid, there are enough unsophisticated mobile users that the potential pool of victims will continue to grow.

    Sad really, when one considers that a little education (which you’re offering), and an improved sense of responsibility, could have substantial impact on this issue.



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