Update: Hacker Steals $10 Million From Banks

Money Enter Key LockAs an update to my recent article In The News: Hacker Steals $10 Million From Banks, the crook/programmer who was one of the cybercriminal ring was “sentenced” to a suspended sentence and probation. It turns out that most of the crooks on this heist got a similar sentence. One of them was extradited to the U.S. for prosecution. Hopefully the U.S. judicial system will do the right thing…

At first I was amazed that these crooks are getting suspended sentences, slaps on the wrists, for stealing $10 million and causing an international bank to lose business, money, and reputation. But on reflection, I shouldn’t have been surprised; here’s why.

The Russian mob is behind a large portion of the cybercrime in the world and has been for some time. They are a very large, wealthy, and powerful organization. The Russian judicial system, and possibly the Russian government, have given them a “wink and nod” in this case…but why? Well, I can only suppose that they have done so for any or all of the following reasons:

  • they don’t take global cybercrime seriously
  • cybercrime is considered an industry and part of their economy
  • the Russian mafia is paying “income taxes” to the Russian government
  • as long as the Russian mafia is stealing from other countries; it’s all right.

Let’s not kid ourselves; global cybercrime is big…BIG business and is growing larger and more powerful all the time. No wonder cybercrime has exploded in the number of occurrences, size of thefts, and effectiveness. They operate using best practices that align with the largest, best run companies in the world…and if that isn’t bad enough, they operate with impunity to the law!

Be really careful…it’s dangerous out there.

Ref: Russian hacker avoids jail over WorldPay heist

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