How Tweet It Is

ConnectHere is an article from our guest writer Carol Bremner. She’s an experienced blogger who helps folks learn about ways to use their home computer for fun, communication, and business. I think you’ll like her take on Twitter…I do. Visit Carol’s blog at Creative Home Computing.

“To use Twitter or not, that is the question.” It seems that every time I turn around, someone is mentioning Twitter. People ask me what Twitter is, television shows ask for viewers to send in their Twitter comments, and businesses wonder how Twitter can help their profits. Instead of a short-lived fad, Twitter is becoming an important part of our modern lives. So should you be using Twitter?

I’ve heard people say they’ve tried Twitter but it was a big waste of time and not for them. Personally, I love Twitter. It provides me a way to keep in touch and build relationships with a number of people in a short time. I can get to know those that I never would have met otherwise, either because of location or difference in social standing.

In 140 characters or less, I can keep up with current events in many places, often before local news media reports. I can hear reviews of products, movies, books, and companies – from impartial and honest viewpoints. Discussions show what people are thinking about, talking about, worrying about. Praises and complaints about sales and service can have far-reaching effects. Is it any wonder that many companies are hiring social media staff to keep track of what is being said about them and to quickly respond to negative comments?

Television and radio use Twitter comments (called tweets) to receive instant feedback and questions about their programs. Imagine the savings in advertising costs when you have such market research at your disposal. Some marketers have taken this concept online. Using services such as, they host their own live shows and use Twitter to keep the audience involved submitting tweets that form the show’s content. There are now even Twubs for people with common interests.

Twitter often gets through the customer service red tape many consumers experience. One well-placed and thoughtful question tweeted to a company has been found to produce results much faster than other methods. Imagine, no more sitting on the phone for an hour as you’re bounced from department to department. Or waiting days for an email answer to your problem. No wonder I say “how tweet it is!”

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  1. Jeanne Sponseller

    Loved reading some of these articles. Good Blog.

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