Cybercrime “Products” For Sale

Security Credit Card blueThose who follow this blog know that, for some time now, I’ve been warning folks that organized crime has entered the cybercrime space. And that they have taken a big business approach to committing that crime. They have organized themselves to be extremely efficient in using cybercrime tools such as botnets, viruses, and other malware to steal from the general public.

They have honed their cybercrime toolbox so well that they now have a litany of very successful tools. Enter the next market for their “business”—that of selling and renting their tools to other criminals to use.

Here is a list of products for sale or rent which consist of crimeware tools and stolen personal data harvested by those same tools.

Cybercrime Products Price List

  • Banking credentials to access any bank or credit card account: $2 per card, $80-$700 with guarantee of available credit balance
  • Banking credentials with a history of online shopping: $10-$1,500 per card
  • Cloned credit/debit cards from $180
  • Card cloning machines: $200-$1,000
  • Fake ATM machines from $3,500
  • Money Laundering services for bank transfers or cashing checks: 10%-40% commission
  • Botnet rental (send your own spam from our bot-infected zombie computers): $15-$20 depending on number of computers on the botnet and rental period

Offering money back guarantees, free trials, competitive rates and volume discounts. You too can be a successful cyber crook with the purchase of these products…call now!


The takeaway of this information, from a PandaLabs investigative report on the current cybercrime black market, is that the cybercrime organizations who are selling these crime tools are very good at what they do; the global cybercrime “market” is so large and lucrative that the sellers don’t fear additional competition; and we are going to see an explosion in the number of instances of cybercrime activity because many more criminals, organized or not, can now get inexpensive, high quality tools to use.

Remember: be careful—it’s dangerous out there.

Ref: Help Net Security News article Cybercrime black market statistics

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