ATM Skimmer Crime: Undetectable Fake Keyboard

ATM MachineWell, if you thought ATM skimmer crime couldn’t get any worse…it did. Cybercriminals now are attaching a virtually undetectable fake ATM keyboard over the normal keyboard which will capture your PIN more efficiently. It’s an advancement in technology in that it is much more accurate in recording the customer’s PIN and has the capability to immediately transmit the information to the thief’s remote computer. See my related article Cybercriminals Changing Attack Method on ATMs for some background information.

There are a several points in this news that we should not miss. First, that organized cybercrime groups have the resources to manufacture this keyboard on a large-scale. Second, that they’re continuing to operate this category of crime. In the past, they have moved on to other types of criminal acts, after a time, in order to stay out of jail and because the level of money stolen tends to wane as prevention methods are implemented by potential victims. And third, the reason for the above two points is that they must see tremendous potential for ATM skimmer crime to steal major quantities of funds.

Organized cybercrime groups are operating like businesses. In this case, they’ve made a decision to stay in the ATM sector of business; they have evaluated the return on their investment (ROI) to manufacture, distribute, and use these new keyboards and found it to be a good investment that will produce more revenue than it costs to manufacture the keyboard. See my article ATM Skimmer Crime: Moving From Bank ATMs To Gas Pumps for more on organized cybercrime groups acting like a business.

For more information on this ATM fake keyboard see Help Net’s article.

Considering the high interest in cyber banking crime such as the ZeuS virus and ATM threats, it’s safer to go inside the bank to do our business as we did in the old days…who’d a thought!!

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4 responses to “ATM Skimmer Crime: Undetectable Fake Keyboard

  1. atm

    And since this article was published, it has gotten even worse! This recent $45 million ATM cyber scan has really illuminated the security issues involved with ATM’s.

  2. I’m not sure where you are getting your information, but great topic. I needs to spend some time learning more or understanding more. Thanks for excellent info I was looking for this info for my mission.

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