Capturing Your Family History

ConnectGuest writer Carol Bremner, who has a great blog at, has come up with another creative way to use her computer at home and capture some priceless memories.

At one time, most people lived and died with very little recorded about how they lived. When journals and letters were written, they eventually became family treasures. These were passed from generation to generation, along with old photos, often without names or dates. Piecing together your ancestry was a daunting task. Thanks to the Internet, today’s genealogy research is no longer so difficult.

Although I haven’t had the time or the patience to research my roots, I do want to remember my family. My mother and I have started recording her memories a little at a time. Using, we both phone a long distance number, then I press a couple of phone keys and the recording starts.

We begin with her earliest memories and I ask questions along the way. I’m learning history as well as getting a glimpse at my mother’s life before I came along. I didn’t know that she went to the movies three times a week in those pre-television days, or that she had to quit school at 16 to help support the family. So many little things that I might never have known had we not started this project.

I ask about the culture in those days, the standard of living, her memories of the ending of World War II. The hour passes by quickly, but we’ve decided to limit each session to a certain phase of her life.

We say our goodbyes and hang up, which also stops the recording. An hour or so later, the MP3 of our interview is ready to be downloaded to my computer. From there, I email it to family members who eagerly await each installment.

Once all of mom’s memories have been recorded, I’ll put them on a CD, add photos and any written text. The result will be a history the whole family will treasure.

Have you begun to capture your family memories? Thanks to modern technology, there’s no better time to start.

© Carol Bremner

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