Passwords, Passwords, Passwords

Security password entryThe current state of Internet security, or should I say insecurity, gives many people a sense of being in a losing battle with hackers, cyber criminals, and organized crime. Using the Internet is dangerous in terms of the potential to be robbed of hard-earned money. As result, folks feel a lack of control and helplessness in using the Internet.

The best way to gain some control over your “Internet life” is to empower yourself by making your use of the Internet as secure as possible. Using the best Internet security practices to protect yourself from these dangers will go a long way to make you feel safer, capable, and more in control.

One of the most important Internet security best practices is the proper use of passwords. Your passwords should be strong ones; in other words, more difficult for a criminal to guess. There are several important, but not difficult, practices in the proper use and effectiveness of passwords. This information can be found in a series of articles I wrote on the subject. There are other best practices you’ll need to follow, which I’ll address in future articles, but this is the starting point. Read them and follow the tips and techniques they provide. Then you’ll be one step further in being safer on the Internet.

Here are the links to the articles on passwords:

Passwords Part I: Why Do We Need Them?

Passwords Part II: What Are Strong Passwords Anyway?

Passwords Part III: Six Steps to a Strong Password You Can Remember

Passwords Part IV: Care and Feeding of Our Passwords

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Remember, home computing is a blast…keep it safe, productive and enjoyable.

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7 responses to “Passwords, Passwords, Passwords

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  3. Paul,

    Great article on a very important topic. I know people who have had the same passwords for years and haven’t changed them. Very important to regularly change passwords on webmail accounts.


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