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Carol Bremner, a frequent guest writer, cyber-entrepreneur, and blogger; tells us that older people are blogging these days. Mostly to share their experience. Hmm…guess I can attest to that.  Carol is an expert in helping folks learn about computers. Check out her blog at CreativeHomeComputing.com. Her blog contains lots of information about how to use computers and software; and great home computer projects.


Laptop User WomanSenior adults are not going to let computer technology pass them by. Computer clubs are starting at seniors’ centers all over the country. Not only do these people want to learn how to use a computer, they want to share their experiences and expertise on the Internet.

The number of older bloggers rises every month. These seniors, ranging from their early 60’s to over 90 years old, are writing regularly on a wide range of topics – from politics, to local events, to gardening and nature. Besides the enjoyment gained from sharing what they’ve learned, blogging keeps their minds active, enables them to befriend people from around the globe, and gives them a renewed interest in life.

One of our computer club members has started a blog to share his love of car racing. He has old racing programs and photos from the 1960’s. By scanning his collection into a computer, all of the memories can be shared on his blog, along with his comments about the time. What a wonderful way to preserve some of our history.

My 86-year-old mother wanders around her house looking for a sunny spot to settle down with her laptop. Then she works on creating her newest how-to guide – so far there are instructions for playing piano, blogging, and using QuickBooks. Those guides will either be sold on a CD or she’ll allow people to purchase them as a digital download that they can save to their own computers and then print out to read. If mom finds a product that her readers might find useful, she’ll sign up as an affiliate and promote it on one of her websites. The digital camera is always close by to take pictures of anything that might sell on eBay. Her days are full and happy, no time to wonder what to do with herself.

We need the knowledge of those who have gone before us. Since people today are living longer and more active lives, why not use computers to keep mentally fit as well?

©Carol Bremner 2010

Please comment on this subject; we all learn from each other when our views and opinions are shared.

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Remember, home computing is a blast…keep it safe, productive and enjoyable.

Best regards,





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15 responses to “Older Bloggers

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  2. Manmohan Rajyana

    “Please stop by my blog in the future” what it means ?

    • I’m sorry, that is an american expression that means to visit my blog on the Internet again in the future. It (“stop by”) refers to visiting a neighbor or friend’s house.

      • Manmohan Rajyana

        Ahaa Haa sir I learnt “an american expression” . God must bless you finding time to resond for teaching me, Almighty is with me always, Will have to listen. Mr. Paul

  3. Manmohan Rajyana

    Dear Paul,
    I am in India & get stupid arguments as to why I spend so much of time & money while pursuing internet or getting latests for computer
    I am of 70 yrs, retired army officer & I utilize my best time learning from dedicated persons avalable to let me know the latest about Browser-wars, softwares, cloud computing: I love to read about thing un-known during my time of learning

    • Manmohan,
      I’m honored that you have visited my blog. I’m glad that you are interested in the Internet and your computer; it will keep your mind in good health and provide many hours of enjoyment. I’m 63 years and intend to enjoy my computer for many years to come. Please stop by my blog in the future.

  4. Hey Guys,

    It ain’t the water. It’s the beer! 🙂

    You’re right Paul, the computer gap is narrowing. One reason, I suspect, is the huge number of free computer classes now available to older users.

    What I find really interesting is – they WANT to learn the RIGHT WAY to compute. As opposed to many younger users, who seem to think they can acquire the right knowledge through osmosis.

    One reason younger users are statistically much more likely to be victimized by cybercrooks, than older users.



    • Bill,
      Great observation on the younger folks thinking they can learn by osmosis. You’re absolutely right. They think they can pick it up on their own…problem is, as you point out, they don’t learn how to do it the right way. That “I’ll figure it out as I go” attitude is one reason we’re in the situation we are; maybe those are the computers that have been turned into zombies and bots! Thanks for your thought-provoking comment. …maybe it IS the beer! lol

      • Manmohan Rajyana

        I too feel that way & it was why I said ” get stupid arguments as to why I spend so much of time while pursuing internet or getting latests ” Let youngstrs think the way they think right.
        I must learn as no computer was avalable till I retired from Indian Army & civil services which I had to join being declared War-wounded.
        There are good people like you & en-number of sites to teach me

        Thanks Paul

      • Manmohan,
        You are right to become as educated as possible on Internet security. I am convinced it will help you to stay safer in your Internet use.

  5. Hi Paul,

    You’re guest writer is dead on! Here in Canada – the fastest growing web community are those over 60.

    Most of my contemporaries are 50 +, and in many cases, are much more tech savvy than their children. Could be of course, that they have a high level techie as a friend who’s always there with advice. lol



    • Bill,
      Thanks for the comment. Fact is, Carol lives in Canada. Maybe there’s something in the water that makes you guys so smart!?! As always, I’m glad when you stop by.

      • Paul/Bill,

        They are smarter “north of the border”. Remember the western tv shows. The bad guys always went “south”. (LOL)…

        Great article. I currently live in a gated senior community and one of the youngest in here. I love it here and the older generation has the belief that their 12 year old grandchildren know everything about computers and they know nothing (thus they have developed a fear of being left behind).


      • Rick,
        Sorry about the delay in replying, but I’ve been out of town…without Internet access. I’m hoping that as we baby boomers, who’ve used computers a bit, become senior (or more senior) citizens, that the computer-use gap will narrow and possibly disappear. …but until then, we need to help them along when they’re willing to give it a try. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I’m always glad to hear from you.

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