Why Are Internet Users Not Protected While Online?—A Survey

Globe Before Computer KeyboardMy regular readers of this blog know that I write a lot on the subject of Internet security. Particularly on the threats to users of the Internet and how to protect themselves. In an effort to better focus my articles, I’ve developed the survey below so that I can better understand the reasons for many to use the Internet without proper protection.

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey, it will help me immensely. You can choose up to 4 answers of the 7 possible. You’ll also receive the results of the survey. Thanks, in advance, for your time and interest in this most important issue.

Let me know what your thoughts are on this survey and the issue it addresses.

Let’s keep it safe and productive.



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2 responses to “Why Are Internet Users Not Protected While Online?—A Survey

  1. Hi Paul,

    If there had been an “all of the above”, I would have checked that box, since to some extent, all of these apply. Most significant thought, at least in my view is – “Don’t know how to properly protect themselves”.

    As a result, average users are like unshorn sheep just waiting to be shorn by cyber criminals. Worse, most users have little interest in taking the necessary steps to learn proper security practices, and procedures.

    It’s sad really.



    • Bill,
      Thanks for your most thoughtful and informed comment. I hope we get enough exposure and response to the poll so that we can better target our ongoing efforts to inform and help our fellow Internet users.

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