Internet Security: Microsoft’s Somewhat Radical Solution

Security Lock on fenceThe state of internet security is so poor that lots of people, companies and governments are looking for a “solution” to improve it. My blogger colleagues and I have been encouraging, cajoling, pleading, begging…Internet users to make their computers secure in order to protect them and anyone else they come in contact with on their Internet travels. 

Today, Microsoft has taken that approach to another level. Rather than depend on Internet users taking the initiative to do the right things to make their computers safe; they are proposing that any computer that’s infected with malware not be allowed to access the Internet. I guess we should have seen this coming. Internet users have been given ample time, access to training and education, free security software, and guys like me warning them of the threats on a regular basis so that they will use their computers safely on the Internet. Yet, not much has improved in either their sense of responsibility nor, consequently, the security of the Internet. 

So…as is usually the case, when we the public refuse to take personal responsibility to correct a problem; the government or a large, powerful organization (like Microsoft) will take action. The problem is that when the big guys get involved, they usually over-reach and over compensate in their solutions. I guess we deserve whatever downside pain and inconvenience we have to endure as a result of our inaction…and their action, on this matter. 

There’s an article on this issue at PC today that has more on Microsoft’s suggestion. 

Please comment on this subject; we all learn from each other when our views and opinions are shared. 

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