Internet Security: How You And I Can Help!

Cyber Security Awareness Month 2010You have heard me rant many times on this blog about the poor state of Internet security and its hazards. But have you wondered what you personally can do to help improve it? Whether you have or not, here’s a great opportunity to make a difference.

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, and the folks at the National Cyber Security Alliance have organized many events to publicize this important issue. But, more importantly, they have assembled a lot of superb materials to help all of us become safer, more responsible Internet users and to communicate the same to those people and groups within our spheres of influence.

The theme of National Cyber Security Awareness Month is Our Shared Responsibility. This means it’s going to take all of us doing the right things to use the Internet securely and then sharing how to do that with our friends and family; students; customers; employees; and our community.

I encourage each of you to go to the NCSA website and become familiar with the resources there. Then use the materials to communicate this information and the importance of safe Internet use to others. We are all going to have to do our part to improve cyber security. Sure, our governments will do what they can do to improve cyber security, and companies that make their living on the Internet will do what they can; but none of their efforts will be as effective as what we, the Internet users, can do. So please do!! Then share this post with everyone you know…and don’t know!

Okay, I’ve made my request…now, please take some action; big or small, but some action. Then let me know about what you did by commenting on this post.

We can do this. “Let’s roll.”




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