In the News: Windows XP Excluded From Running Internet Explorer 9

WebMicrosoft’s newest web browser was developed to be competitive, in terms of ease of use and speed, with Apple, Mozilla Firefox and Google’s Chrome. It’s now being beta tested by anyone who wants to download it…anyone who runs Windows 7 on their computer, that is. And that’s going to be a problem for Microsoft who’s trying to stem the growth of the above browsers in terms of worldwide share of computers using them.

Microsoft has been known to make some rather unusual decisions, but this one may keep them from attaining the very objective they set out to achieve. You see, by making some development decisions that caused IE9 to only run on Windows 7; they’ve excluded Windows XP users (66.7% worldwide), and Windows Vista users (15.3% worldwide). That leaves only Windows 7 users (17.4% worldwide). How do you take back market share from your competitors when you’re only able to address 17.4% of the market? Microsoft would tell us they’re counting on the XP and Vista users to switch to Windows 7. Good luck with that happening anytime soon. In the meantime, Apple, Mozilla and Google are planning to introduce updates to their browsers that are even cooler than their present products.

Instead of gaining market share, they may well lose more of the share they have now. Microsoft has upset the majority of the XP users by discontinuing support for the aging but well-loved operating system. And now, this snubbing of XP users may be the final straw for some. I can see many of them taking the same path that frustrated Vista users have done…switch to Apple computers; or change the browsers they use to Safari, Firefox or Chrome.

It seems to me that Microsoft has either taken this position because they are blindly sticking to their decision to not make further updates to XP (to run IE9); or more likely, they see it as a deliberate motivation to get more users to buy Windows 7. Either way, folks will be unhappy with these perceived heavy-handed tactics.

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8 responses to “In the News: Windows XP Excluded From Running Internet Explorer 9

  1. Vesper

    I’m a Win XP user and I’ll stay on it until the end of support – heck, I’ll stay on it even after that, I just won’t go online with that machine.
    Moving on to Win7? I often wonder who MS thinks its users base is with those price tags. Putting limitations on top of that, makes the whole MS approach feel like extortion, as Bill already said.
    I often think that this MS combination of “forced” and “auto” approach (in the name of simplicity and convenience) holds new users back from evolving as computer users.

    “Windows XP Excluded From Running Internet Explorer 9”
    Actually, that’s great news. I only wish there was a way to get rid of IE on XP without breaking the OS or its support.
    Is there any evidence that if IE wasn’t hardcoded into Windows that it would have made the market share it has? If the OS came with no browser, would it still have been people’s #1 choice? I rather doubt it.
    So, no tears here. Plenty of better browsers wich are actively developed/ supported.

    Thanks for the article.

    • Vesper,
      I’m with you on staying with XP. I’ve got one computer on it, one on Vista, and one on 7. To be honest, I’ve found that I like Windows 7 the best; but I’m staying with XP on that NetBook because of the reasons you’ve stated. First, I don’t like MS pushing me around by stopping support; and second, I’m not going to pay that highway-robbery price for 7. I appreciate your excellent comments and I’m glad you stopped by.

  2. Roger

    Microsoft had made a great new Web Browser called IE 9 but it’s only available for Windows 7 or Vista well stubbing XP. In other words people who have XP and can’t get IE 9 can do what I did I changed web browsers I have both Firefox and Google Chrome and they are way cool so If people use XP they can go to other web browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera.

  3. yeah my dad will like this

  4. Bill Mullins

    Hi Paul,

    Good old XP and its dedicated band of users (me included – on one machine), continues to take it in the ear from Microsoft. Ouch!

    Yes, I know, there are both hardware and OS (DirectX 10), reasons behind this, so why do I feel as if I’m being extorted? It could be of course, that MS is so very bad at customer perception – the “let them eat cake” attitude.

    I’ve been testing IE 9 and overall, I just don’t see what the fuss is all about. If this effort is the “reinvention of the Browser”, then hyperbole is beginning to rule the day.

    Finally – why anyone would want to use Internet Explorer, in any flavor, is a mystery to me.

    As usual, a great article.



    • Bill,
      Excellent points. I think you’re right about the “let them eat cake” attitude, and that’s the reason so many people have decided to stay with XP. Microsoft’s products have been less than stelar for some time now and the XP holdouts are just wanting to stay with something that works. Microsoft’s gotten too big and has forgotten what and who got them to where they are: good products and their loyal customers. Seems that a lot of businesses forget what got them where they are. Thanks for the thoughtful comment and for stopping by.

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