Celebrity Searches and Internet Security

WebWhat do celebrities have to do with Internet security? If you follow the happenings of any of these celebrities on the Internet; well…let’s just say you’d better be careful what you search for:

  1. Cameron Diaz
  2. Julia Roberts
  3. Jessica Biel
  4. Gisele Bundchen
  5. Brad Pitt
  6. Adriana Lima
  7. Jennifer Love Hewitt, Nicole Kidman
  8. Tom Cruise
  9. Heidi Klum, Penelope Cruz
  10. Anna Paquin

Why? One of the techniques used by cyber criminals to lure Internet users to malicious sites is to create fake celebrity websites and emails pretending to have news, photos, and other information about the most popular celebs. The crooks are very successful using this technique. Here’s how it works: an Internet user (fan) accesses the fake celebrity website or email; then a malware payload (read: nasty virus or worse) is placed on the Internet user’s computer. I think you know that things go downhill from there. This technique is also used with major news events around the world like earthquakes, hurricanes, wars, etc.

Internet security company McAfee recently reported a list of the top 10 celebrity searches that can lead to an infection of your computer. Check it out and heed it’s warning.

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