Organising Computer Data

Smile 3DThose of us who’re a bit disorganized and frustrated about all the details we need to remember when we use our computers…you know who you are, will benefit from this article from Carol Bremner, our guest author. Carol has some great time-saving tips to help us maintain our sanity. Check out her site at Creative Home Computing.
Thanks Carol, for another helpful article.

Have you ever spent time looking for a website password that you needed? Or wished you’d never heard of email because there was so much waiting in your Inbox that you don’t know where to start? And what about those times when something goes wrong with your computer and you can’t remember what you did to fix that same issue before? 

Those little details often end up being the biggest frustrations. Needless hours are spent searching and I’m ready to throw my computer out the window before I’m finished. I finally started using the following little reminders to keep my computer data organised and easy to find. 

1. My passwords are kept in a mini telephone book that I can carry with me for those times I need one. I record each password in alphabetical order according to where it’s used. Then I can find it in no time. For instance, my Gmail password would be filed under the tab marked G. What could be simpler? 

2. I use Outlook Express for my email. In my Inbox, I’ve created three action folders. One is marked ‘ To Do’, another ‘To Do Soon’, and the third is titled ‘To Consider’. When I have new mail, I choose one of the following: 

¨ Delete without reading. Usually spam from people I don’t know. 

¨ Read and then delete. 

¨ Read and then send an immediate reply. 

¨ Read and then forward to someone else. 

¨ Drag the email into one of the action folders I’ve created. 

Every so often, I check the ‘To Consider’ folder and delete any that no longer sound interesting. This method has saved me from spending a bundle. After a good night’s sleep, that powerful sales letter often loses its appeal and I decide against the offer. If I still want to go ahead with it, I drag the email into an action folder. 

I try to do at least one of the ‘To Do’ items per week. The ‘To Do Soon’ folder gets looked at regularly and I work on it as time allows. Even with this folder, it’s amazing how many items aren’t really so crucial to do after all. 

3. I keep a small lined notebook near my desk. Every time I fix something related to my computer, I write in my little book exactly how I did it. Then the next time it happens, I don’t need to research the solution all over again. For instance, I’ve recorded how to change the size of a PDF document, which way my designer printer paper goes into the printer, how to play MP4 videos on my computer, and what to do when my printer won’t print. 

Since I’ve started using these little helpers, my computer times are much more enjoyable. Can you suggest any more ideas I might find useful? 

© Carol Bremner 

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Remember, home computing is a blast…keep it productive and enjoyable. 

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