In the News: U.S. military personnel targeted by malware

Military Award RibbonsThe cyber criminal community has stooped to a new low, in my opinion, by targeting US military personnel with the bank account emptying malware Zeus. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect these crooks to be of good character by any means, but to prey on our young folks in the military who’re fighting for our country, while distracted by that noble job and perhaps more vulnerable to this crime…is unforgivable. This despicable crime was reported by Help Net Security blog in a recent post which explains the scam. The military personnel are sent an email supposedly from Bank of America requesting they update information on an account. When the intended victims click on the link in the email they are taken to a Bank of America look-alike website where their computers are injected with the banking malware Zeus.

The use of Zeus in this manner is not news, the news is the choice of victims. These servicemen and women are not able to afford to lose any of the funds they may have in their bank accounts. It’s common knowledge we don’t pay our military personnel very much. Some lower-level folks are considered at or near the poverty level.

This sad state of affairs indicates that: the cyber criminal element have no qualms to attack any segment of our society no matter their station in life…makes you wonder who’ll be next. It also indicates to me that the sale of Zeus and the renting of botnets which drastically expanded the use of Zeus, may be somewhat saturating the “market” for its use and thus the criminals are attacking segments of the population that wouldn’t have been their first choice otherwise. And that there are segments of society that perhaps are more vulnerable to cyber criminal attacks because they don’t have the resources or knowledge to properly protect themselves from these cyber predators. Shame on these crooks, shame…shame! Are you as upset as me about this?

Let me know your opinion on this issue by commenting on this article; we all learn from each other when our views and opinions are shared.

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