US Electric Power Grid Easy Target For Hackers

Power LinesA recent report released by the US Energy Department states there is poor security employed in the computer systems that control our vast electric power grid. And consequently the grid is easy prey for cyber attackers. You might ask why anyone would want to attack our power grid. The answer sounds like it’s from a spy novel, but here goes. Other countries have included in their strategy, the disruption of our electric power as a collateral tactic should they attack our homeland by other means such as a ground war, nuclear tactics, or by crippling our economy. By the way, we have solid evidence that Chinese and Russian cyber spies have been accessing the grid in increasing frequency in the past few years. 

What interested me about the report is that the type of security lapses found are rather well-known and not unusual security problems. It will take some effort to correct them, especially the poor programming practices, however, non of the fixes are going to take a rocket scientist to correct. That’s a good thing…that is, if the utility companies (natural gas and oil pipelines are next) will get up off their negligent butts and fix the problem. Did I write that out loud? Oh well…

See this Wall Street Journal Article for additional information on the report.

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